Media and Autism. The Unnecessary Scare Tactics.


Now on to my topic – MEDIA & AUTISM.

Before you continue, please note that I have friends who are dealing with Autism in their households. My best friend is a Special Education teacher. I do not have a degree in any type of field for Autism, but I can read. And I do my homework. Please do not be offended by this post. If you are very close minded, I’d ask that you just not read what I have written about the new misleading numbers.

We have all seen the new report put out on Autism. The numbers are terrifying and it takes a second to breathe. The media has been harping on it for days now. Social media is on fire with these devastating numbers that will scare any parent, especially one who has a child under the age of 10. I have a love/hate relationship with the media.

1 in 68. WOW.  This is a screen shot of what is filling up my news feed.

Screen Shot


I went to the CDC website. They have a section just for the new Autism data. You can click HERE for that section. I have posted a screen shot of

“10 Things You Need To Know About CDC’s Latest Report from the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network”. This is mind blowing and isn’t correct with what many Americans are posting to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The news media needs to do their homework first (I am talking mostly of local outlets).


Screen Shot


Let’s start off with #1 which is where all my issues are with this data and the media.

FIRST off, the 1 in 68 you keep seeing (to scare you) is based on 8year-old children living in ONLY 11 communities. It DOES NOT REPRESENT THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE U.S.   The areas of these 8-year-olds (yes, just an EIGHT YEAR OLD) are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Utah, and Wisconsin…. in 2010.

What? 2010?  The media didn’t tell me this was from 2010. They just said new data released.

They didn’t say it was only in 8-year-old children. They just said children.

So really, the data you have been reading about is 1 in 68…of 8-year-olds in 11 states from 2010.  What happened to the other 8-year-olds in the other 39 states? Why weren’t their numbers recorded with this data? Every state does their own recording. And why weren’t other ages monitored? CDC has its own reasoning for that one. They are the ones who compiled the data.

And then there is the National Autism Association telling people this is up 30% from the 2012 data. The 2012 data is from 2008. Yes, it has increased. This is 2014 and we know more now than ever before about ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Why couldn’t they say when the data was collected? Everyone knows it takes time to pull data. You can’t get it over a few months. It takes years to collect and study it. The media should have stated that. Americans rely on the news media (most of the time) and if it lacks all the facts, then what’s the point?

Ellen Degeneres says it best in her HBO standup – HERE AND NOW

Start at 12:21 for a blip about NEWS media. It ends at 16:05

Autism is REAL. Do your homework first before sharing misleading info, please. Not everyone will do a little research and will just believe what you tell them or they read. Let’s educate with the correct information, not the misleading.

Photography – Modeling | Miss E

On Sunday, I headed to an area of town that is known yet secretive. Down a winding road that met up with a dirt path was a quaint little house on the marsh. The sun shines there like no other place. I can promise you that. Or maybe Mother Nature was being ultra nice to me since the weather has been gross lately. Regardless, in that moment I knew this photo shoot was going to be spectacular. And it was.

Meet Miss E! She is aspiring to be a model and she has what it takes. Her skin is flawless, her eyes pop with an amazing ocean blue hue, and she is overall what a model is in my eyes. Not only does she look phenomenal, she is also super sweet and smart. Did I mention she looks just like her mama?

Instagram : lifestylestacy

I am happy to announce that Miss E was picked up as a model. She used some of the images from this shoot. What an accomplishment! Proud of you, E!

Elizabeth | Model

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