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For The Love Of Pallets

I love Pallet decor. It is the “new hotness” on Pinterest, but if you follow retail stores like Crate & Barrel, then you will know that it is NOT a fad or “new hotness”. Pallet decor has been around for a long time and isn’t going anywhere. In my opinion you first have to have some mad “skillz” to create anything from pallets. Second- you must have some pallets. I have neither of those.

What to do? What to do?

Lucky for me (and you), I have a friend who has mastered the art of creating one of a kind pieces with her pallets. Meet Melissa. She is the designer, creator, painter, and overall genius behind For The Love Of Pallets. Click the link to visit her Facebook page. In the Photos Section you will scroll through clocks, cutting boards, wine glass holders, tables, wall decor, hand painted flags, and her piles of pallets. She has those mad skillz.

I met Melissa a long time ago. I mean years ago. I remember being at a meeting with her for the first time and was like she is so dang sweet. I would visit her house for photography sessions or just a girl’s get-together and she always had a styled house that was worthy of being in a magazine. That hasn’t changed.

So how did she get to For The Love Of Pallets?

She is a wife, mommy and she has found “her thing” in pallets. For The Love Of Pallets was hobby that became a job she LOVES. Melissa is able to create beautiful home decor from up-cycled pallets. “I started dabbling in the world of pallets about 2 years ago having no clue where it would take me. I’ve had friends and family challenge and broaden my ideas to try to make new things and I just LOVE it!”

I ordered my first piece of pallet decor from her recently and told her I wanted to share it on my blog. Knowing I just had to share this with you all, she is offering a DISCOUNT for all my readers. WOOT-WOOT! That is so freaking awesome. You can message her on Facebook or you can purchase your own unique and one of a kind piece from her Etsy Shop – For The Love Of Pallets.


You get 10% off your order. Whether you message her on Facebook (Click Here) or buy through Etsy (Click Here), it will be valid for 30 days from 02/19/14. Get over there NOW.

Code: 10offpallets

For The Love Of Pallets

For The Love Of Pallets

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