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I know I have been bombarding my blog with all things Disney Cruise. This is the last post I plan on making about the Dream and the fun we had. Disney makes your entire experience quite wonderful and it is like being at the parks but on a ship. From characters to nightlife, there is truly something for everyone.

With that said, my favorite part of the trip was Castaway Cay. We had a few water excursions with the kids planned but those were cancelled thanks to the not so fabulous weather. Instead of all that jazz we hung out on Castaway Cay together, laughing and having quality family time.

After lunch we seen Mickey and Minnie walking by. They stopped for their “Meet & Greet” and music started playing. It was time to dance with Mickey & Minnie. Kids from all over swarmed them. We started to walk off to avoid the crazies when they started playing the Cupid Shuffle. I don’t understand why Connor loves that song but he does. He seemed a bit down that he couldn’t join in so I grabbed his hand and off we ran to join in. We didn’t get into the “crowd” but stayed to ourselves. Connor started doing his thing when suddenly Mickey was there with us. Awesome. The song ended and we figured it was time to go. Then they started playing Waka Waka by Shakira and Rea wanted to learn the dance. UGH. Fine. I run her over and we stay on the outside so we can learn this dance and not be bombarded with people. I am over there just minding my own business having a fantastic time when Mickey comes over and starts dancing with Rea. WOW. For those few minutes you forget what is going on around you and life is completely perfect.

Once the song ended, Mickey & Minnie had to go and we left to walk about the island.

BlogDancingDisney Cruise 438

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I hope you have enjoyed the photos. If you haven’t been on DCL, you should save up and go. It’s worth every penny and the kids will remember it for a long time.

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