Three Busy Bees | Dancing with Mickey Mouse

I know I have been bombarding my blog with all things Disney Cruise. This is the last post I plan on making about the Dream and the fun we had. Disney makes your entire experience quite wonderful and it is like being at the parks but on a ship. From characters to nightlife, there is truly something for everyone.

With that said, my favorite part of the trip was Castaway Cay. We had a few water excursions with the kids planned but those were cancelled thanks to the not so fabulous weather. Instead of all that jazz we hung out on Castaway Cay together, laughing and having quality family time.

After lunch we seen Mickey and Minnie walking by. They stopped for their “Meet & Greet” and music started playing. It was time to dance with Mickey & Minnie. Kids from all over swarmed them. We started to walk off to avoid the crazies when they started playing the Cupid Shuffle. I don’t understand why Connor loves that song but he does. He seemed a bit down that he couldn’t join in so I grabbed his hand and off we ran to join in. We didn’t get into the “crowd” but stayed to ourselves. Connor started doing his thing when suddenly Mickey was there with us. Awesome. The song ended and we figured it was time to go. Then they started playing Waka Waka by Shakira and Rea wanted to learn the dance. UGH. Fine. I run her over and we stay on the outside so we can learn this dance and not be bombarded with people. I am over there just minding my own business having a fantastic time when Mickey comes over and starts dancing with Rea. WOW. For those few minutes you forget what is going on around you and life is completely perfect.

Once the song ended, Mickey & Minnie had to go and we left to walk about the island.

BlogDancingDisney Cruise 438

BlogDancingDisney Cruise 440

BlogDancingDisney Cruise 442

BlogDancingDisney Cruise 444

BlogDancingDisney Cruise 447

BlogDancingDisney Cruise 451

BlogDancingDisney Cruise 453

BlogCCDisney Cruise 470

BlogCCDisney Cruise 484

BlogCCDisney Cruise 485

I hope you have enjoyed the photos. If you haven’t been on DCL, you should save up and go. It’s worth every penny and the kids will remember it for a long time.

Three Busy Bees | Fish Extender Gifts on DCL

FE (Fish Extender) Gifts are amazing. You give gifts to other cabins and they do the same for you. It’s cool and very, very limited. A friend of mine who had recently went on a Disney Cruise with her daughter told me about this crazy thing. FISH EXTENDERS. What in the world? A fish extender is a hanging pocket holder that attaches to the hooks outside your door. Most of the hooks are Fish – Fish Extender. I know I took a photo of my FE holder on the Fish hook but I can’t seem to find it. I also have about 1,000 photos to go through and edit.

To participate in a FE group, you must first head over to the DIS Boards. What? Dis-cussion Boards for ALL THINGS DISNEY. Click on THIS LINK then click on Forums once you check out the site. Create a profile and you will be able to search for your cruise date and ship. You can join a FE group on there or on Facebook. The ones on Facebook seem to be a little bit more secretive. I preferred the DISBoards. Please join as early as possible because they cap the groups around 25 for everyone’s wallet. On our completely booked cruise, there were only 22 cabins who did this FE Gift swap.

We had 22 people in our group and we came home with a luggage full of gifts. I didn’t take photos of everything but it was crazy. Some people were very detailed and personalized. Others were very simple and to the point. Whatever you do, you will have a great time. Pinterest has a ton of ideas on FE Gifts. You can see some Pinterest Ideas Here. We did an “Essentials” bag, a LightCard with the DCL logo and then 2 inch paintbrushes with wiggly eyes and faces- “Do be neat and brush the sand from your feet!”

We had a wonderful time and I loved all our gifts. Marty and I loved seeing all the cabin doors decorated too. If you go on a DCL cruise, please note that the doors are magnetic and you can slap a magnet on that bad boy! We loved it. It will probably be our go to cruise line from now on. Well at least until the kids grow up.

Where do you get a pocket Fish Extender? You can make them or have someone make you one. I had mine made (I edited out some names). If you want a Fish Extender that looks phenomenal, then please contact Magical Dreams Boutique on Etsy. She has the best prices, her attention to detail is spot on, very quick turnaround for something sewn & embroidered, simple ordering, and her customer service is top notch. I seriously cannot say anything bad about her. She also sells pillowcases and various Disney items.

I hope you all enjoy these. You will love being in a FE group on your Disney Cruise.

BlogFEGiftsDisney Cruise 480

Fish Extender Gifts

Fish Extender Gifts

Fish Extender Gifts

Fish Extender Gifts

Fish Extender Gifts

Fish Extender Gifts

Fish Extender Gifts

Fish Extender Gifts

Fish Extender Gifts

Fish Extender Gifts

FE Gifts

BlogFEGiftsDisney Cruise 479

Three Busy Bees | Swimming {Disney Dream}

We are from the South. That means that I won’t swim unless it is above 80 degrees. How is it that kids can swim when it is super cold outside and as adults we are freezing before removing our bathing suit covers? I remember as a kid we would get in our swimming pool when it was less than optimal weather and never complained. I also never understood why my mom would freak out on us. Now I get it. Oh that circle of life-parenthood thing. The Bahamas average upper 70’s in January but of course Mother Nature knew we were going somewhere cool. This is the second time we have been there and the weather drop to the upper 50’s, lower 60’s. NOT A FAN! With that said, I did not even touch my bathing suit. Little KB stayed in her shorts and hoodie. Rea and Connor loved it but froze their tushies off when they were out of the water. Marty even went on the AquaDuck with Connor. An AquaDuck? It is a “water coaster” that even goes out over the edge of the ship. Poor Rea couldn’t go on it because of height restrictions and Connor had to have an adult with him. Let’s just say I watched from the sidelines with two little girls who were not happy that their dad and brother were having fun without them.
Since I had to miss out on the slide, Marty and I did plan a date night to ride the AquaDuck together but then the weather got even colder and I said “Um, NO!” Someone will have to stay well to take care of the sick kids from the cold water…ACK. I sound like my mom.

Connor and Rea enjoyed the quick moving line and each other’s company at Mickey’s Pool Slide. I loved standing at the end of the slide and watching their faces as they flew down with big ole smiles. Priceless. Now go dry off and lets warm up. The best part of the pool area was the jumbo screen. I found myself watching Disney movies from the comfy lounge chairs…while eating ice cream, and french fries, and pizza, and more ice cream, and…well you get it. Hey! It’s vacation.

If you are wondering where all the kids are, they are on Castaway Island. We took advantage after breakfast and let the kids enjoy an “empty” pool, AquaDuck, and slide. If you are scratching your head and saying that there are quite a few kids in the pool areas, well you are right. But this is “empty” compared to all the kids that are swarming the area when we are sailing.


Pool Deck

Pool Deck

Pool Deck

Pool Deck

Pool Deck

Pool Deck

Three Busy Bees | DCL Food – The Royal Palace

Disney Cruise Line, like all other cruise line companies, pride themselves on their food. And why shouldn’t they? We pay a lot of money to sail around various parts of the world being entertained, wined, and dined. Besides them providing the place to lay your head every night, they spend the majority of their time with the food. Food isn’t just about the “meat and potatoes”. It’s about the ambiance. It’s about the details in EVERYTHING. Are the place settings just right, do the kids have their water cups with lids that have their names written on them? Will the guests be pleased with the prompt service? What about the detail to lighting and entertainment while dining?

A lot goes in to these restaurants and it’s a main section of the questionnaire that Disney will have you fill out before disembarking. With every bit of energy that goes into planning the nightly dinners, they pull it off with an “A”.

I am only showing off the Royal Palace today. There aren’t many photos because after a few snaps, the guests around you start looking at you with weird gazes. It becomes kind of creepy because it seems as if they forgot they are staring at you.

What is the Royal Palace?

When we walked up to the “gates”, they were just opening. I felt like a princess myself. The restaurant is based on the various Princesses you have grown to love – Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, and Belle. The menu is a French Cuisine and it is splendid. For me, the Royal Palace was the fanciest of the three restaurants that are apart of the “rotational dining”. The waiter’s attire drops you into the pages of your favorite fairytale. You walk in on a red carpet as if you were entering a royal ball. The plates resemble fine china and you cannot help but place yourself in the Disney Films. Disney does an excellent job of recreating an experience from their movie for you to enjoy your dinner in.

What did we wear? We all came in our jeans and nice shirts. The dress code for our cruise was more casual than semi-formal.

One thing that was a major plus in my book was the alcohol. We aren’t big drinkers but we do like a good drink or glass of wine occasionally. The majority of the mixed drinks (with top shelf liquor) are $5.95. It’s hard to find a drink for that price at a bar in the States. These prices made it easier to enjoy a dinner with a glass of Sangria or with the drink of the day with our fantastic meals. This is another way DCL makes their cruises “Adult Friendly”.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Disney talks about the Royal Palace:

Royal Palace on the Disney Dream is a wondrously themed, Main Dining restaurant located on Deck 3, Midship. Inspired by classic Disney films like Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast, Royal Palace serves French-inspired, continental cuisine fit for a king or queen for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dining at Royal Palace is an elegant affair. Resplendent décor includes ornate marble floors, a luxurious rose carpet and an elaborate chandelier brimming with glass slippers and roses, along with hand-painted portraits of Disney princesses and princes including Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White and Belle. A marble entryway inlaid with a royal crest featuring a pumpkin coach, glass slipper, rose and tiara, and lavish chair backs embellished with gilded emblems and tiara-topped porthole valances add to the magic.

With an attention to detail only Disney could communicate, dining at the Royal Palace places you and your family in the center of a classic Disney fairytale—where much of the restaurant’s décor is modeled from classic Disney films. For example, the circular floor plan, fluted columns and iron railing that grace the restaurant are all faithfully recreated from the Cinderella ballroom scene.

Dinner at Royal Palace is part of the reserved Rotational Dining that occurs nightly during your cruise. When you book your cruise, you will be asked to select a dinner and live show time based upon availability at that time. Requests to change these assignments may be made during the booking process or upon boarding the ship, if availability allows. Once onboard, check the dining tickets that can be found in your stateroom for assigned dinner and show seating times, restaurant schedule and table number.

Royal Palace offers a mouthwatering 4-course affair, serving a seasonal menu of classic culinary delights fit for royalty of all ages.

Dress Code
The dress code for dinner at Royal Palace changes daily. Check the Personal Navigator—the Disney Cruise Line daily newsletter detailing all there is to see and do—for more information while onboard. However, you are requested to not wear tank tops or swim wear whilst dining in Royal Palace for dinner.

A full-service lunch is available at Royal Palace on select dates. Check the Personal Navigator—the Disney Cruise Line daily newsletter detailing all there is to see and do—for specific times and dates while onboard.

Open seating is available when dining at Royal Palace for lunch, meaning you and your family are invited to dine at any table you choose.

A breakfast buffet is available at Royal Palace on select cruise days. Because operating hours do vary daily, check the Personal Navigator—the Disney Cruise Line daily newsletter detailing all there is to see and do—for specific time and dates while onboard.

Child’s Menu
For the most discerning child’s palate, Royal Palace is proud to offer a large selection of classic children’s food favorites.

The following beverages are available at Royal Palace for an additional charge plus gratuity:
Bar drinks
Bottled Water
Specialty Coffee
The following beverages are complimentary at Royal Palace and require no additional charge:
Fruit Juice
Tea (Iced/Hot)
Live Shows

On the Disney Dream, our original live productions will be performed three times each evening. In order to make certain everyone is accommodated—similar to our assigned dining times—you will be assigned a specific performance. If you are on the first dinner seating time, you’ll be assigned either the first performance or third performance of the live show. If you are on the second dinner seating, you’ll be assigned to attend either the first or second show performances.

Three Busy Bees | Disney Dream-ing

Blogging about a Disney cruise is hard. There are many aspects of the ship I want to cover since many of my readers have never been on one of their cruises before. Our first day was our embarkation. We went through the process of checking in and touring the ship. Before hitting up the Sail Away party on Deck 11, we unpacked the bags in our stateroom – 8088.

Disney Dream Deluxe Ocean View Family Room

Unpacking was hard for us with a Verandah. It was difficult to pry ourselves from the views. If you are worried about our little ones on the balcony, they cannot fit through the rails you see. There is a plexiglass type material to keep passengers safe and still be able to see out.

Disney Dream-Veranda

Our room really was amazing. This stateroom is labeled as Deluxe Family Oceanview with Verandah. It sleeps 5. The main bed was a queen. The couch turns into a bed and above it you will notice another bunk comes down. The cabinet behind Connor is another bed. These two beds only pull down by a key that the staff have. It will not fall down on your children at any time while it is upright and locked. Once it is down, you could injure yourself by your own doing if you play around and lift it up.

Disney Dream- Veranda

I had many questions about the phones. Everyone on the ship has a phone. You have TWO, plus the traditional phone (you know, with a cord). These wireless phones can be used anywhere on the ship and on Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island). They will not work at any port or on any excursion you take. These are amazing. You can stay in contact with any other phone (stateroom) on the ship, you can call the nursery or the clubs, make reservations at Palo or Remy, and just have an overall sense of peace while aboard with your kids. Most parents gave one to their kids and they kept the other for immediate contact. They loved them and you will too, OR you can be like us and ditch all electronic communication and just enjoy your family. My biggest issue with the phones was our inability to disconnect. While they are there to keep us “connected”, aren’t we on vacation to simply “disconnect”?

Disney Dream - Stateroom Phones

Continuing on with the tour, you will notice that these bathrooms are the best. We had two. One was a sink and toilet. The second one was a sink and tub. Note I said tub/shower combo. Most staterooms on cruise ships are stand up showers only. I must admit that Connor learned to love a shower at 3 years old from a Carnival cruise. Rea did the same on our cruise to the Southern Caribbean with Royal. KB enjoyed her bath thanks to Disney.

Disney Dream- Bathroom

While at any resort or cruise, I like to try their products. For a while Marriott used only Bath & Body Works products. Let’s just say we made it a point to only stay at their hotels and brought home lots of their bath essentials. DCL had okay products. The shampoo worked great but if you didn’t apply conditioner, well let’s just say good luck brushing your hair.

Disney Dream- Bathroom

DCL loves their logo. I do too. You can find it everywhere onboard. In the bathrooms, linens, products, floor tile, plates, napkins, et cetera.

Disney Dream-Bathroom

Key to the World cards. If you hear that onboard, they mean your room key. It’s also what you charge everything too while vacationing. You will use it to check out the kids from childcare. It will be access to leave and return to the ship at ports as well. We kept ours in Marty’s wallet but most people carried theirs in a plastic card holder attached to a lanyard (FE Gift idea).

Disney Dream - Key to the World card

For dinner, you will be assigned to eat at 3 different restaurants while cruising the Dream. We chose Main Dining at 5:45 p.m. when booking and I am happy we did. We were able to eat, drop the kids off, then enjoy us time. Our order of evening dining was – Royal Palace, Animator’s Palate, and  Enchanted Garden at Table 41 (another post all its own for eating).

Breakfast was daily at Cabanas.

We enjoyed our snacks from Flo’s Cafe, Room Service, and the awesome Eye Scream & Frozone Treats.

Disney Dream - Dinner Tickets



You can compare Disney Cruise Staterooms too by clicking HERE !!

From Disney :

“A Disney Cruise Line Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah aboard the Disney Fantasy is a richly appointed and spacious accommodation tailored for families of 3 to 5, featuring an elegant maritime motif in contemporary Art Deco style and more square footage—with larger windows to the outside world—than you would find in a standard stateroom.

Relax in private quarters fitted with warm wood finishes, custom fabrics and carpeting, original artwork, crown moldings, genuine teak accents and a private verandah for magnificent views of the sea.

Sleeps: 3 to 5
Size: 299 sq. ft. including verandah
Room Configuration: Queen-size bed, single convertible sofa, wall pull-down bed (in most) and upper berth pull-down bed (in some), split bath with round tub (in most) and shower
View: Private verandah
Room Design
A Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah features the pleasant comforts of home, with a designated area to watch TV and movies on a comfortable couch or settle down for an evening of quality family time—there’s even a desk. When the day is done, retire to plush beds for restful nights on the high seas. The seating and sleeping areas can be separated with a heavy privacy curtain.

Enjoy the convenience of a split bath, complete with a luxurious round tub (in some) with shower, and separate sinks that allow for multiple people to use the space at the same time. The full bathroom includes a vanity, sink and full tub/shower, while the half bath has a vanity, sink and toilet. Both luxurious and practical, all these staterooms have round tubs with a built-in seat (in some), a rain-style shower and a hand-held showerhead — perfect for bathing children.

The Deluxe Family Stateroom with Verandah is classified as Categories 4A – 4E located Midship of Decks 6 – 10 as follows:
Category 4A: Decks 9, 10
Category 4B: Deck 8
Category 4C: Deck 7
Category 4D: Deck 6
Category 4E: Deck 5 – Oversized Private Verandah
Sealy Posturepedic® Premium Plush Euro-top mattresses
Frette 100% Egyptian cotton linens
Premium bath towels
22″ LCD flat screen TV on swivel arm with remote control
iPod Docking Station
Full-length mirror
Ample closet space
In-room safe
Hair dryer
Phone with voice-mail messaging
Individual climate control
Privacy curtain
The Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah showcases spectacular sea vistas from the private balcony, which features:

Patio furniture
Plexiglass or solid whitewall railing
Child locks for safety
Airy and private, this sanctuary is where you can watch the sunrise, bask in sweet breezes and enjoy your morning coffee or an evening nightcap. For extra space, select Stateroom Category 4E on Deck 5, which features a large verandah and sweeping views.

More Space
A well-planned interior design allows Guests to stretch out in comfort, affording a feeling of spaciousness. To maximize space, the wooden bed frames are elevated to provide storage under the beds for suitcases and other large items. The leather-upholstered ottoman features an inside compartment for even more out-of-the-way storage, and attractive yet functional cabinetry decorate the living area. Well-positioned wall shelving takes the place of night stands.

H20 Plus Spa, Bath and Shower Products
In addition to our regular upgraded amenities and premium offerings, all Disney Cruise Line Guests will find luxurious H20 Plus spa, bath and shower products stocked in every bathroom. Sea Marine Revitalizing Shampoo, Marine Collagen Conditioner and Hydrating Body Butter let you absorb the enriching benefits of the ocean while sailing on the high seas.”

Disney Cruise | A Magical Place

We just returned from our very first DISNEY CRUISE. It was absolutely wonderful. Disney went above and beyond to make your experience unforgettable. Unforgettable! We have been on 4 other family cruises before – Ship/Location (day/night) – Carnival/Mexico (5/4), Norwegian/The Bahamas (4/3), Royal Caribbean/Southern Caribbean (8/7), Disney/The Bahamas (4/3), all with kids.

I did not use a Travel Agent (although I am seriously thinking of starting my own business) and I waited almost too late to book. We were about 80 days out from the sail date when I bit the bullet and put down my deposit. We are a family of 5 so that meant we were left with a Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Veranda. Once you have more than 4 on any cruise, your price goes up because you need more room or more than one cabin. I was super pumped about the Veranda (A.K.A. balcony). The price really wasn’t that much higher so I didn’t sweat it too much. Again, I was late in booking the cruise for us so the final payment came within 2 weeks of the deposit. Ouch. Don’t wait too long for any cruise to do that unless you have the entire amount ready to go.

Upon paying the deposit, Disney mailed us a Planning Guide with our information inside.

Attention to Details

After the final payment was submitted, Disney sent us a spiral bound book with our luggage tags, official cruise documents, a checklist, vacation summary, sailing itinerary, and some other paperwork for transportation. This alone gets you pumped up for the cruise.

Disney Planner

All cruise lines should do this for their guests.

We arrived to Port Canaveral around lunchtime and completed the whole Port and Customs process. Once we got to the check in area, the lines began. Why lines? Disney loves their lines and they had them in the most random places. It was odd but very much “Disney”.

At the check in counter, they took family photos of us for security reasons while on board and made sure all our documents were good to go.

Finally! We were able to get on the DREAM.

A few family photos were snapped of us in front of the Embarkation backdrop then our name was called as we entered the ship. The crew even clapped. What a magical entrance. Our first stop was at the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab to make sure the kids got acquainted with their “counselors”.

{Andy’s Room}
Andy's Room
{Dance Floor}
Dance Floor- OceaneerLab
KB toured the nursery and off to our cabin we went.

In the room, we unpacked and bounced off the walls from excitement of this spectaular room with “two” bathrooms, 4 beds, and a balcony.

{Veranda View}

Veranda View- DCL Dream
{Part of our room}
Veranda Room Half View
Marty and I prepped our FE Gifts. What is an FE Gift? Stick around. You will be amazed by this secret on board group of people who exchange gifts amongst each other.

{A few FE gifts from other cabins}
Disney FE Gifts
Next we headed to the Pool Deck for the Sail Away party with the characters. We had a blast dancing to great music with Mickey & Minnie.

Sail Away Party!!

Sail Away Party
Sail Away Party
Sail Away Party
Seeing Mickey & Minnie on the Jumbo screen too
Sail Away Party- Mickey & Minnie

Afterwards we got ready for dinner at the Royal Palace followed up with the kids hanging out with other kids in the Clubs and Labs. Marty and I enjoyed the ship entertainment and each other’s company without children asking a million questions.

The cabin at the end of the night
End of the Night-Cabin
I wrapped up the first night snuggling with KB while Marty, Rea, and Connor went off to see Frozen at the theater.


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Disney Cruise | Enjoying the Kids & Each Other

My last post was 6 days ago. The post before that one was 6 days. I had all the intentions of writing and scheduling my posts to go out over the long weekend but I failed at that one. I laid in bed on Wednesday night and decided to go to sleep. Would you miss me? I am going to say no. That’s okay. Again I went absent. To where you ask?

We just returned from a short 4 day, 3 night DISNEY cruise to the Bahamas. The kids had a phenomenal time. Marty and I spent the days and nights relaxing with each other. How was that possible? DCL makes cruising enjoyable with kids. They truly do. I have about a week worth of posts I can share on this fantastic trip we went on. I hope you stick around and see what all I have to say. There are a few negatives but overall, it was a wonderful trip.

Disney Cruise Sail Away Party
Marty & Rea dancing during the Sail Away Party.

Day To Day : Instagrams.

Why do we make resolutions or goals for the New Year? I always find myself breaking them. UGH. I wanted to post every day but I have failed. I could go back and post-date the new posts but that would be lying. Grr. I also wanted to run those 1,000 miles for the 2014 year and it is starting to look like I will fail. The weather has been COLD. I am lazy. My kids refuse to cooperate with me. Reality TV is better. My excuses are endless. I mean endless. I would rather sit down in the evening with some Sangria and have a wonderful night watching trash tv than run 3-4 miles. Then I feel guilty. I have got to get this guilt under control. What is wrong with me? I have got to get a lot of my life together.

So what have I been up to since my last post? Well…

I had Rea’s 4th birthday party on Friday (the 10th). It was super cute and she had a wonderful time with all her friends, painting pottery.


On Saturday, we just hung out and went to church (our church has multiple campuses with multiple services).

Sunday was a “date”. Marty and I went to a matinee (feeling the wallet pinch me these days with the 3 bees) to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I walked out of there feeling different. It was a wonderful movie and not your typical Ben Stiller flick. I related to it in so many ways and immediately wanted to plan another adventure/vacation for us. If you have been around me or my blog then you will know we travel a lot as a family. This movie made me want to travel even more and for new reasons.


On Monday, I started a Get Fit 2014 Challenge with my workout group. Oh there is nothing like being half naked in a very public park to find out my body fat percentage. Then we had dance practice (think Dance Moms for 3 and 4 year olds but without Abby screaming at ya) followed by a Thirty One party (the handbags not someone’s birthday celebration).


Today (Tuesday), was a morning of MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers), a 4 year well check with blood work and shots, and finally house shopping. And then the decisions of moving. Do we? Do we not? Spec home? New construction build? Sell our house? Rent out the house? New mortgage? Old mortgage? Economy? OH MY WORLD, it is spinning. Then there was dinner.


Tomorrow, you ask? Maybe a workout session or maybe not. Plus the day is filled with 3 dental appointments. That should be awesome (please note my sarcasm). I wonder if I should start drinking now? If you are curious, I only drink Sangria.  Marty likes to ask, “Are you an old Cuban lady now?” HA! HA! HA! No, but I do enjoy a glass or two or three per night. I am from the south and I do not mind drinking out of a plastic Solo cup. He is refined. He graduated me up to a wine glass today. Should I be offended or excited? I have no idea. However, I am rambling now and should log off.


Love Y’all!

Busting Out The Feathers.

The South is where I reside. We have mild winters and hot summers. We lack 4 complete seasons but HEY!, we can usually wear flip flops year round. Since we stay rather comfortable in the winter months, I find myself without the proper attire on Tuesday. By proper attire, I mean I did not have the layers for the crazy “polar vortex” we experienced. Heck, I don’t think many people around here did. When Tuesday morning brought a temperature of 16 with a wind chill of 5 degrees in my neck of the woods, I was in shock when I looked in the closet. As I stared at my rack of clothes, I quickly realized that I was missing many cold weather items and had no idea what I was going to wear to the car line. In my closet I found: flip flops, tank tops, canvas Toms, tee shirts, running tee shirts, a couple thin sweaters, a fleece jacket, a thin (spring) windbreaker, a goose down feather jacket (that probably isn’t legit), running shoes, Vibram Five Fingers (open top), more sandals and flip flops and a comfy pair of house slippers. CRAP.

What did I end up wearing to the car line in that frigid weather?

A tank top under a tee shirt, a pair of jeans, socks, the comfy house slippers and that goose down feather jacket (that may or may not be real down feathers).

Let’s just say it was fun to take some selfies with this horrible mix of clothes. I drove almost the entire way to school with that hoodie on until the heat blowing at FULL SPEED in my face at 90 degrees and my BUTT on FIYA (fire) from the seat warmer almost collapsed me. Oh I am a true Southerner. Also, it was quite dangerous to drive and not have your peripheral vision. Yeah, not smart. But we made it safely to school and I removed the hoodie for the drive home.

When I walked in the door after dropping off Big C, I found my hubby in more layers than I thought were possible and him sweating because I left with the heater on 75. HAHAHA.

I leave you tonight with my Instagram photo of me sporting the “Feathers”. This weekend I will be rocking my flip flops again. Please continue to stay warm and be safe.


Love Y’all.

Polar Vortex VS. Antarctica


Today I was waiting on Big C to get done with school when I thought about Antarctica. Actually, the other day on the news an Army Chaplain had just returned from a trip there and I was first interested in why he went but mostly the weather. NASA was my first stop in my quest to find out more about Antarctica. I couldn’t believe the temperatures were warmer there than they were currently in the Midwest and East Coast (it is also the Summer for the Southern Hemisphere). I clicked on The Weather Channel and looked up the coldest place on the planet. When the temps showed up on my phone, I was shocked.

How could this be? Stupid but amazing Polar Vortex.




I pulled some info from an article on FoxNews when I was searching for the coldest places in the U.S. last night. Insane. These screenshots were from earlier in the day, but you get the idea of the cold. It’s bitter. It’s downright painful. Stay safe and warm America.
Polar Vortex Spreads Into Eastern-Southern U.S.

The so-called “polar vortex” of dense, frigid air that dropped temperatures in some parts of the country to record lows is now spreading to southern and eastern parts of the U.S., shattering more temperature records, forcing flights to be canceled and keeping many schools and businesses shuttered.  

Temperatures on Tuesday morning were already at 8 degrees in Atlanta and 6 degrees below zero at a remote weather station in the north Georgia mountains — the coldest temperatures in the state for years. Temperatures hit lows in parts of West Virginia not felt for 25 years, while the extreme cold in Virginia beat record lows that had stood since the late 1950s. The National Weather Service said the mercury bottomed out at 3 degrees before sunrise at Baltimore-Washington Thurgood Marshal International Airport, with a wind chill of minus 16. 

New York City’s Central Park broke a 118-year-record Tuesday morning when the temperature there dropped to 4 degrees. It’s previous record of 6 degrees had stood since 1896, according to

Monday’s subzero temperatures also smashed records in Chicago, which set a record for the date at minus 16, and Fort Wayne, Ind., where the mercury fell to 13 below. Records also fell in Oklahoma and Texas, and wind chills across the region were 40 below and colder.