How many times have I snapped a photo?

The other day I posted about my camera’s “Shutter Death” being soon. Does that not make you laugh or smile? Shutter Death. hahaha. I crack myself up. Okay. After I shared with all of my Facebook Fans about my Nikon’s life in shutter clicks, a few of you guys (and ladies) wanted to know : How many times have I snapped a photo?

**you will need to be able to take a photo in RAW and upload it into Photoshop**

How many times have you SNAPPED a photo with your DSLR?

First off, you need a DSLR camera.
Snap a photo in RAW and immediately upload it to your computer.

Click on FILE and scroll down to FILE INFO…


A new window will pop up. Scroll horizontally until you see the tab - ADVANCED. Click on ADVANCED. Open the folder that is labeled CAMERA RAW PROPERTIES.


Once you click on the folder for CAMERA RAW PROPERTIES you will see SCHEMA. Click on that arrow to open.


Look for aux:ImageNumber: The number here is the total amount of times you have taken a photo!


How cool is that? My Nikon has taken 126,583 photos to date. Shutter Death (hehe) happens around 150,000. Sadly, I am now on the hunt for a new camera to continue on my incredible journey of photography.

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Stacy Martinez Photography

Do you know that feeling where you want to do something but you don’t want to commit to a possible failure? This is where I have been. I love my photography and all that I made it, thanks to you guys. However there are too many “photographers” out there with stupid low prices and everything is “free”. The economy is still pretty drab and many families eat this up. The moms of the little ones who want great photos but at a below reasonable price. I get it. Who wants to pay multiple {$$$$} when they can pay {$}? For a long time, this attitude kept me away. It was a reason I decided to close my doors to the world. Feelings of hate for photography had creeped in.

This summer brought around a few new families turned friends who wanted updated photos on the walls. The passion ignited again but slowly burned out. What gives? I couldn’t figure it out. On vacation, the passion once again ignited and it hasn’t fizzled yet. On the beach in St. Croix I realized I still love photography. I love capturing the story not the pose. I love the half smiles of a wife watching her husband or the kid’s eyes widen as they are thrown up in the air. The “all-teeth” smiles because everyone has forgot in that simple moment whatever stress was weighing them down. That is the photographer I am. That is what I capture. I am still the same photographer I was years ago. I am still Stacy Martinez.

Until I find a home on the web, Three Busy Bees will be where I showcase all my work.


7 Night Cruise with Kids – Budget Friendly.

Wow. Can you believe the summer is already over? Tons have changed over the last couple months here. We just got back from a 10 day family vacation to the Southern Caribbean and I could easily go back. Wait, wait, wait!! That sounds expensive. You might think we just went in a massive debt hole but we didn’t. I love to save money AND I love to travel. Usually, you can’t have both but I make it work.

Cruise Line : Royal Caribbean International
Airline : jetBlue
Taxi : Varied
Public Transportation : Varied
Hotels: Marriott

I know an eye roll just happened when you read the cruise and airline companies. My husband’s first impression was dollar signs. However, our total trip was relatively cheap.

Cruises are fun. The accommodations, food, beverages (non-alcoholic), entertainment, childcare, and fun are covered. The key to our vacation was hitting up the OFF SEASON. The cruise we took costs roughly $1,300 a PERSON in the on-season (for our ocean view room). Luckily Marty’s crazy work schedule fit in with a few off seasons in the cruise world. We ended up getting on this itinerary for $600 per person (for the first two) with the kids being about $400 each (3 kids).

Food was covered in the cost of the cruise so we utilized it very well. Snack foods and water from the ship were packed into our bags when we left the boat and toured each island. The kids loved munching on cheerios, fruit loops, etc. Amazingly we planned each port stop accordingly and were able to see everything we wanted without having to buy food. Once we were back on the ship we would grab a quick snack, clean up and go to dinner.  Cha-Ching.

Transportation was tricky. Most of the people at the ports are hustlers but I am a pretty good hustler myself. I refuse to take anyone’s nonsense and their overpricing. One day we took the public transportation (i.e. the bus) to another part of the island for $2. TWO DOLLARS! Cha-Ching.

Airfare was another score. For all of us to go from Fort Lauderdale to San Juan, Puerto Rico (where we left from) cost $917 ROUNDTRIP with taxes and baggage. Yep. 5 people for $917. Since I don’t live in Florida, we did have to drive but we do that drive multiple times per year and it only cost us 2 fill-ups in my car. Why not leave from home? It would have cost us an extra $1,000 to leave from our home. The gasoline only added $125 to the budget (and that was because it was almost $4 a gallon in South Florida). Cha-Ching.

Hotel stays were minimal. One stay was the night before we left on our cruise. We drove to Fort Lauderdale after school let out so we weren’t pushing it to get down there. Murphy’s Law happens a lot to us so we didn’t want to chance it. That Marriott was $84. The 2nd stay was when we returned from our trip. Since our cruise port was San Juan, we wanted to stay an extra day and explore. That hotel was free because I used my Marriott Rewards for a complimentary night. Cha-Ching.

How much did I spend on junk? NONE. We don’t “shop” on cruise ships because it is overpriced and we rarely buy from any cruise port or town we go to. Why? It isn’t needed. I take wonderful photos and I enjoy my vacation with the kids. I may or may not have shells from various islands. SSHHH

How do you save money on vacations?


fb-boatSt. Maarten - 06

The End of Summer.

To wrap up our Summer we took the kids on a 7 night cruise to the Southern Caribbean on Royal Caribbean. It has become one of my favorite trips and we checked off quite a few “bucket list” items as well. One major request from Iron Bee was to travel on an airplane and see a volcano. I guess that is 2 requests, but we were able to show him both in one trip. There is one photo of each country we visited below. Check back tomorrow to learn how we paid for it in cash, managed staying on a budget and spent almost $1,000 less than we had planned.

St. Croix – Looking out at Christiansted from the Hotel on the Cay, Protestant Island.
FBSt Croix - 52

Antigua – Dickenson Bay.
FBAntigua - 01

St. Maarten – Maho Beach at Mullet Bay (Dutch).
FBSt. Maarten - 132

St. Lucia – The Pitons in Soufriere.
FBSt Lucia - 39

Barbados – Bridgetown at Carlisle Bay – The Boatyard.
FBBarbados - 29

Puerto Rico – San Juan – Castillo de San Cristobal.
FBSan Juan - 15