Birthday Girls. One Year.

Happy FIRST Birthday, Miss H & Miss S!

When their mom asked me to take their one year photos, I was overjoyed. Mom & Dad were actually one of my wedding couples and everything came full circle yesterday evening.

Multiples amaze me. Granted I have three bees of my own, they are spaced out and in their own life stages. Witnessing and interacting with two children who are only a minute apart is captivating. Their bond is hard to describe with words. I literally could have sat there all evening and watched them. It makes you wonder if they are talking without even using words. On top of capturing these memories, I was able to catch up with Mom & Dad (a.k.a. Bride & Groom). Their wedding is still fresh in my mind and yet I was barely pregnant with Princess Bee.

Often when I photograph friends, family, new clients or even past clients, I am a nervous wreck. Is the lighting right? Will they like these images? Are they going to understand my “eye” and love this unscripted shot? My anxiety skyrockets and I could bite my nails off. It has been like that since I started doing this forever ago (well, since 2006). Today was no different. When I sent the finalized images over to Mom & Dad, I was anxious to hear their response. Then I received this message and it made me beyond happy!

“Oh my goodness Stacy!!! I was finally able to get them to load on his computer and they are AMAZING!!!! I CRIED! You can seriously see Miss S’s personality. It’s the first time its come out in photos and they are so amazing!!!! Thank you so much!”

That comment makes it all worth it.