This may get a little Churchy for you and I will not be hurt if you decide to stop reading right here. Actually, my posts from now on will most likely have something to do with God working in my life. I am not here to preach by any means but to share with you my life and how God is working in it even as I have stayed blinded to Him.

I am trying to type fast as Baby K is asleep and Marty has Rea outside. As you may know, I am a mother to 3 beautiful, healthy kids. Our first born is a boy and then we have 2 girls. I love my children with my entire being. When we went from zero to one child, it was an adjustment like no other. OH MY WORD we are responsible for a human being. When our 2nd child came along, it wasn’t too hard to manage. Dressing two kids and getting out the door was tricky some times, but it worked. Then Baby K arrived. When a friend told me that having three kids changed the logistics of everything, I didn’t fully grasp that. Everyone before said that the shift from 2 to 3 was smooth. BA HA HA HA. I am a spaz (in a good way) about everything. I want to be in control of ALL things that happen under my roof. That went right on out the window when she joined the family.
Getting out the door is not only chaotic, it is down right a nightmare. I find myself screaming to the opposite side of the house for my son to get ready (he is 7.5, why can’t he just do it all? Oh yeah, he is still a little boy). Then Rea is twirling, dancing, or simply bothering her brother to stop not only herself from getting ready but also C. Why are we not moving people? I have found myself in a place I do not want to be. I want my kids to not have a mama who is constantly over the top and speaking in a tone to many elevated levels. That is when I ran across this…

I want to be the mama that my kids knew without the elevated tone. I want to be me…again.
With this said, I immediately went to LifeWay after picking up Rea from PreSchool. I wanted a book to read about parenting and more so about parenting a boy. I want a Godly son in this unGodly age. Be the Mom by Tracy Lanter Eyster and What a Difference a Mom Makes by Dr. Kevin Leman are the two I immediately went for. I started reading Dr. Leman’s book and was completely blown away by the first chapter. I just can’t seem to put it down. Life has turned around in so many ways for me and it all truly started with Marty’s separation from the Army. Needing a little guidance in your parenting? Join me.

Insert chaos.

Life with 3 kids (plus 2 dogs) is a lot of work. Especially when 2 are in school and one is a demanding infant. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. I have a lot to write about and I plan to get it done tonight. Since my last post (on August 7th-eek), the kids have started school. Kennedy turned 1 month old and Marty & I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. Oh and we moved back into our house. Whew. Are you ready to catch up?