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***Updated- January 14, 2013***

I do not have the templates. Please screenshot this template and open up in PS. You can tweak the resolution and make it bigger or smaller in your editing software.

Mickey Mouse Silhouette - ScreenShot

***Updated- March 10, 2013***

I am usually not the one to make my own vacation apparel. However this time around I wanted something personal and “cute” for our family vacation to WALT DISNEY WORLD (WDW). This is Rea’s first time going to WDW and Mr. C is super stoked to be going again. In between booking hotels and Breakfast with Characters, I found time to create these. Marty helped me iron them on and man o’ man, we like them. We could have spent $12-$20 per shirt (and I need 8 shirts) in the parks but we figured we would rather spend it on other goodies for the kids. Instead of spending the hefty moo-la, we spent $2.50 per shirt for Mr. C. Rea was $3.88 per shirt. We are spending 4 days in WDW. We wanted 4 shirts per child for each day. Since each day will have one main park in mind, we needed the coordinated shirts. Rea however only has two created ones and two store bought ones ($4.88 each) because her size is still too small to easily find thick cotton shirts to fit. SSHHH- she is in an 18m boy shirt for the trip because they were out of her size tonight. As for the Mickey silhouettes: those were created in Photoshop.

The break down of costs:

Mr. C’s shirts: $2.50 each *on sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics through 6/13. Spent: $10
Rea’s shirts: $3.88 each *regular price at Wal-Mart (Granimals). Spent: $7.76
Transfer Paper: $8.97 per pack of 6 sheets at Wal-Mart. Spent: $17.94
*we only used one pack of the transfer paper though*

Total Spent: $35.70 (not counting the two shirts that we bought for Rea that aren’t DIY).

Marty and I had a great time working on these tonight. Lots of laughs and burned fingers on my end.

Please o’ please excuse these horrible photos. They are mobile photos from my iPhone and the lighting is terrible. The better photos will come when we start the packing and in the parks.

SO what is with the black shirt? Have you ever heard of the HIDDEN MICKEY’s in the parks? It’s our Hidden Mickey! Oh and I made two canvas totes to take along as well. Our trip name (since we name all our vacations) is “Ohana” which means “Family” from Lilo & Stitch.