1,000 Miles… A Running Journey.

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2014 is here! What? Really? 2014. The emotions of another year range from sad to happy. Sad? I am sad because I am going to be a year older and one closer to my death (long story for another post). My kids are a year older and that means they are growing up and this saddens me deeply.

Happy? I have a lot of things planned for the year and I hope I am able to accomplish them all.

One thing I have on my New Year Resolution list “goal” list is to run 1,000 miles in 365 days. The plan is to run around 3 miles per day, per month. If I have added correctly, which I hope I have but I have been enjoying Sangria as I write this, is: 1,095 miles.

Are you interested in joining the 1,000 mile journey? I hope you will. We have participants from all over the world. Are you interested in the 1,000 miles but would rather walk? Oh please join us. 1,000 miles is 1,000 miles. Lets do this! I’ve set up a Facebook group to offer support and to hold each other accountable.

You can find our Facebook group here ->¬†1,000 Miles… A Running Journey.¬†<-

Join the group and get this chart to help you keep track of your miles. Each block is ONE mile. Mark it off and keep going! You’ve got this. Please use hashtags (#) -> 1000milejourney #3busybees¬† when on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter (or any other social media).


I will be posting weekly about the mileage I will be adding. And as for my kids, at least one of them will be with me on the runs. Now get running!

Oh and thanks to my hubby for making my chart!

Love y’all!


  1. I like this idea!!!

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