How many times have I snapped a photo?

The other day I posted about my camera’s “Shutter Death” being soon. Does that not make you laugh or smile? Shutter Death. hahaha. I crack myself up. Okay. After I shared with all of my Facebook Fans about my Nikon’s life in shutter clicks, a few of you guys (and ladies) wanted to know : How many times have I snapped a photo?

**you will need to be able to take a photo in RAW and upload it into Photoshop**

How many times have you SNAPPED a photo with your DSLR?

First off, you need a DSLR camera.
Snap a photo in RAW and immediately upload it to your computer.

Click on FILE and scroll down to FILE INFO…


A new window will pop up. Scroll horizontally until you see the tab - ADVANCED. Click on ADVANCED. Open the folder that is labeled CAMERA RAW PROPERTIES.


Once you click on the folder for CAMERA RAW PROPERTIES you will see SCHEMA. Click on that arrow to open.


Look for aux:ImageNumber: The number here is the total amount of times you have taken a photo!


How cool is that? My Nikon has taken 126,583 photos to date. Shutter Death (hehe) happens around 150,000. Sadly, I am now on the hunt for a new camera to continue on my incredible journey of photography.

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  1. WOW! Who knew? Love this thank you:)

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