Mama Jenn’s Blogging Planner. {Mosaic Review}

I love to blog. I love to write. However, I am awful at staying organized with my blog and writing. Life is chaotic and busy with my Three Bees. To stay up to date and on some sort of a schedule, a blog planner is essential. Recently, I had the opportunity to use and review a blog planner of my choice. Mama Jenn’s Printable Blogging Planner is amazing. It has all the sections I need to keep up with my own blog. Life is chaotic. Mama Jenn lessened my load!

Planner - 10

The Details:

Get your planner -> Mama Jenn’s Printable Planner is {here}
Get your planner bound -> at Staples for less than $5.

My Thoughts:

Mama Jenn’s Printable Blog Planner is great. Out of a list of blog planners to review, hers jumped out at me. I needed help staying organized and in control of my work. Her planner is made up of a four different sections that work perfectly for me and my blogging.

1st- There is Monthly Blog Calendar
I like this feature, as I can jot down what I am hoping to post each day and any other events that are on my schedule.

Planner - 11

2nd- Monthly Blog Planning
This is broken down into 2 sections- Major Blog Posts to Write & Blog Related To-Do List & Goals.
Having these sections are great. I can jot down which dates there are Homeschool Link Ups so I can share with others.
I can simply write in reminders for me to do this or that and know why I wanted to do it!

Planner - 12

3rd- Giveaways/Reviews
I just started and completed my first giveaway from Three Busy Bees. It was perfect. I could write in the cost for me as well as key points.
When I printed out this planner, I had no idea I would use this page or even like it.

Planner - 13

4th- Blog Post Notes
When I originally snapped these shots, I hadn’t used this section. When I started writing my review, I used this section to write down key points to discuss. Here are new pictures of my in progress!
All I can thing right now is, why didn’t I think of one of these a while ago?

Planner - 14

As I sit here and think about the post, I can’t think of any cons. Well maybe one, and that would be having to go to Staples to have it bound. I should probably buy my own binder because this is cooler being spiral bound. The whole concept is great. It goes with me almost everywhere. The size fits perfectly into my bags and other notebooks/binders. Everyday we learn something new, and I learned that blog planners are needed to have an effective blog. Are you sitting there, reading this and saying, “I won’t use this?”? If you are, you are probably wrong. I cannot speak for everyone, but I was that way for years. I do not need a planner, I do not need anything extra to worry about. Oh how I was wrong. Again, I should have printed one of these off years ago. I am very happy I ran across Mama Jenn Blogs.

Get your mouse on over to Mama Jenn’s Printable Planner and download this wonderful {and free} blogging planner now! If you like your planner as much as I do, comment back!




  1. Great review! I love that you got it bound at Staples. I was not smart enough to think of that!

    • I love that part about the whole thing. My blogging planners consist of only a few pages from the entire 50+ pages that are available. I need a binding machine.

  2. Great Review! NIce pictures.


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