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***Updated- January 14, 2013***

I do not have the templates. Please screenshot this template and open up in PS. You can tweak the resolution and make it bigger or smaller in your editing software.

Mickey Mouse Silhouette - ScreenShot

***Updated- March 10, 2013***

I am usually not the one to make my own vacation apparel. However this time around I wanted something personal and “cute” for our family vacation to WALT DISNEY WORLD (WDW). This is Rea’s first time going to WDW and Mr. C is super stoked to be going again. In between booking hotels and Breakfast with Characters, I found time to create these. Marty helped me iron them on and man o’ man, we like them. We could have spent $12-$20 per shirt (and I need 8 shirts) in the parks but we figured we would rather spend it on other goodies for the kids. Instead of spending the hefty moo-la, we spent $2.50 per shirt for Mr. C. Rea was $3.88 per shirt. We are spending 4 days in WDW. We wanted 4 shirts per child for each day. Since each day will have one main park in mind, we needed the coordinated shirts. Rea however only has two created ones and two store bought ones ($4.88 each) because her size is still too small to easily find thick cotton shirts to fit. SSHHH- she is in an 18m boy shirt for the trip because they were out of her size tonight. As for the Mickey silhouettes: those were created in Photoshop.

The break down of costs:

Mr. C’s shirts: $2.50 each *on sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics through 6/13. Spent: $10
Rea’s shirts: $3.88 each *regular price at Wal-Mart (Granimals). Spent: $7.76
Transfer Paper: $8.97 per pack of 6 sheets at Wal-Mart. Spent: $17.94
*we only used one pack of the transfer paper though*

Total Spent: $35.70 (not counting the two shirts that we bought for Rea that aren’t DIY).

Marty and I had a great time working on these tonight. Lots of laughs and burned fingers on my end.

Please o’ please excuse these horrible photos. They are mobile photos from my iPhone and the lighting is terrible. The better photos will come when we start the packing and in the parks.

SO what is with the black shirt? Have you ever heard of the HIDDEN MICKEY’s in the parks? It’s our Hidden Mickey! Oh and I made two canvas totes to take along as well. Our trip name (since we name all our vacations) is “Ohana” which means “Family” from Lilo & Stitch.



  1. Catrina Elliott says:

    Those are super cute. I love your motivation. Send it my way please. LOL

  2. Brandt Scott says:

    Hello, I just found you blog through pinterest and love your shirts you made. I really want some like this for my 4 kids to wear to Disney when we go in Feb. but I have no idea how to make them, because my computer is messed up and have no programs when I could make them at. I was wondering and you could say no, if you want, but I have to ask because you never know unless you ask, right? LOL Could you do the black Silhouette one (on the red shirt) with the letter A in it for my son Aiden And also thr silhouette with the pink and white bow with an M for my daughters Madison and Mary-Jane and one with an S for Savannah. And email them to me….PLEASE CAUSE I REALLY LOVE THESE and my DH will not let me spend $20 a piece for personalized shirts that you order online. But like I said you can say no if you want to :( LOL….BUT A GIRLS GOT TO ASK LOL….. Then I will only have to figure out ideas for mommy and daddy a shirt. Haha

    • I will! My email address is
      Can you email me with your info? I’d love to help you out. Disney is awesome and you are going in a fabulous month. Not only is it my birthday month (hehehe) it is one of the best times to be in WDW. Oh I can’t wait. Email me and I can start working on these and in your budget to. With WDW, you need a budget!!!

  3. Evalenn Gatbonton says:

    Hello, I saw this on pinterest and I thought it was super cute and I have been wanted to do this for a long time but I don’t know how to do the Minnie and Mickey silhouette. I was wondering if you could do them for me, I would like to do it for me and my boyfriend and also ones for my sister and her boyfriend. My sisters boyfriend is proposing after 7 years at Disneyland and me and my family are surprising her there. So I thought it would be cute to have shirts for them with a Mickey silhouette on the guy shirt saying “I proposed” and a Minnie silhouette on the girls shirt saying “I said yes”. Also for me and my boyfriend just a shirt with for me with Minnie silhouette with a heart on the ear and his just being the Mickey silhouette. It would mean a lot if you could do this for me but if you can’t I understand.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Could you please email me ( the link to the indiana jones mickey head template and the star wars template? I searched the disney family site and I couldn’t find them anywhere. We are going to Disney this Summer and girly disney shirts are easy to find but my 11 yr old son would love these! You did a great job on these!

  5. Brandi Felice says:

    I was wanting the Mickey Mouse with the hat and a P on it. I also need the pirate with a C on it. Please email me with all the info.

  6. Sandy Overby says:

    Where did you get the templates for the transfers??? I would love to make these for our upcoming trip!

    • I downloaded them from Disney’s Family Fun website. Then I tweaked my own on some. What were you interested in?

    • Sandy,

      I picked up a generic one on Family Fun (Disney’s website). Do you need help with anything?

  7. Would you mind sharing your templates? I am last-minute deciding to create shirts for my family trip to WDW. I’ve never done it before…so any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated too! Thanks! Lorie

  8. Tina Hill says:

    I love this! Is there any way you can email me these templates or atleast where u got them? Thank you so much! We are plaaning our disney trip for this summer and I am excited to make these shirts for my family!

  9. Hi I love your shirts we are headed to WDW in June. I would love to make them would it be possible to email the temples and how you made them please. I love them all especially the Star Wars one could you do one with and with out a bow?

    • Pam,

      I just opened up the Mickey silhouette in PS and erased parts of the ears to create the Star Wars one. I can do the one without the bow, but it may be more difficult to do the one with the bow. I will work on it. Email me

  10. So cute! I’d really like to get my hands on the templates too. I searched the site and can’t find them. :( If it’s possible, thanks in advance!

  11. I’m interested in making some shirts for my girls where do I find the print outs can u please help thanks :)

  12. Kristy Markners says:

    Hi! I just emailed you! Hop3 to hear back soon!

  13. If you will please email me the temples. I looked on Disney Family and can’t find them. Thank you!!

  14. Can’t find the temples please send them to me. Thank you!

  15. Love this DIY method for customizing family shirts. Would you be able to help me create my own for my son’s 1st birthday quickly approaching? His birthday party is 2/24 and I’m desperate! Eeek! Please help?! Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

  16. Hi!

    Love your website! We are having a girls vacation in May and would love to use the templates. Can you e-mail me?


  17. I emailed you about help. I saw these and thought they were so cute. I hope you can help me.

  18. Sarah Saar says:

    These are awesome! Could I get some templates for our trip in June?

  19. Hi! I think your shirts are amazing! We’re going in late October and was wondering if I could get the templates of your fabulous mickey designs?


  20. These shirts are wonderful! What type of transfer paper did you use? It looks a little shimmery. Also, if you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to have a copy of the Star Wars template that you created. Thank you!

  21. We are going to WDW next week and i’d love to make these! 2 of my kids have never been there and we are so excited! I’d love any templates you have. I have a girly girl, a 10 year old girl that’s not so girly and a 5 year old boy. :) Any help or any templates you have would be GREAT!!!


  22. I too loved your shirts! I tried finding the templates too but couldn’t. I’d really love the pirate one, and do you have the Disney fonts? If so how did you get them? Thanks and great job on the shirts, we actually want o make pillow cases for the cruise..I was hoping to do a pirate hat, a sailor hat and my daughter wanted hibiscuses in her Minnie…was doing photoshop hard?

    Thanks again

  23. Hi – love these!
    If you have time and don’t mind, I would love a copy of the template. We are headed down to our favourite spot in 2 weeks but this time we are taking my brother. I would love to have a set of matching shirts to surprise him with!

    Thanks so much!

  24. HI

    We are going to Disneyland in March end and my son is a Mickey freak. Its so hard finding cheap character apparel. Please send me the templates for Mickey, Lighting Mcqueen, Toy story, Marvels-all boy things.


  25. Your shirts turned out great!! Where did you find your pics?

  26. Courtney kelly says:

    I would LOVE to have the pirate boy template. We’re heading to WDW in 2 weeks!

  27. Hi! I think your shirts are amazing! We’re going in late May and was wondering if I could get the pirate boy and minnie mouse templates with initial K please. you are so kind to share your idea and work with us. thank you so much.

  28. Isabelle says:

    I just found your blog and I am absolutely in love with it! If you have time, could you pleeaassee e-mail me the pirate mickey template with the inital J ? Thank-you!

  29. Super cute!!! Surprising my daughter on a trip to WDW next month – please email me the templates and any “how to” instructions or tips you are willing to share! Thank you!!!!

  30. We are going on our first Disney vacation in April on a tight budget and I would love to have the templates that you have created. I have Three sons, Lorenzo, Anthony and Massimo and I am sure they will love it.
    It is so hard to find people like you this days. Sharing and passing along usefull things, May God give you back in double!

  31. Would you please email me the instructions and templates for the tees? I wanna make some for my family. Do you buy iron on paper and print on it? Thanks for any info you can provide:)

  32. Hi, I am in love with your black hidden Mickey. Could I kindly ask you to share the template with me please? We are heading to Disneyland next week and this would complete our little collection. I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you!

  33. Can you email me all the templates you have please? I have a larger brood of all ages and am on a tight budget. Thanks so much for your help!

  34. Could you please email me all the templates you have. Thank you so much for sharing!

  35. I am trying to work on my disney shirts. I got the designs printed out! I have a question though I want to use waltograph font to put our name on the shirts under each design. What is the best place to get the waltograph font!


  36. Christin L says:

    Oh my word. These are adorable. I’m gonna try to do them on my own as we are taking our three littles in Nov, and I love a fun Disney project. If I can’t figure it out, I might have to ask some questions. Just happened upon this site from Pinterest, and I signed up immediately for your newsletters. Can’t wait!!! Oh boy!

  37. love these!we are going next month for the first time (2 kids, 2 adults). i don’t know how to sew so these would be doable for me! could you email me the graphics as well? thanks so much, clever girl! You rock!

  38. These are gorgeous! Two questions:

    Which kind of transfer paper did you use? Light, dark? I hate using white shirts myself and these look so good!

    Did you hand cut the image after printing it? Your circles on the mickey ears are just perfection. How did you do that? Thanks for inspiration!

  39. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox
    and now each time a comment is added I get four
    emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Many thanks!

  40. Kandy Crouch says:

    I would LOVE all of the templates too, please. These are so amazing. I have 3 boys and 2 girls and they would love them all. I always make shirts for our trips. Can’t wait to surprise them!

    Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

  41. Brittany says:

    We are heading to Disney this weekend and would love the templates if you can get them to me. The shirts are adorable! I can’t find them on the website.

  42. Love, love, love your shirts. Going to Disney with the whole family in August is there any way to get your templates?
    Thank you.

  43. Hi There! I was wondering what kind/brand of transfer paper you used. Also, did you just print out your images directly onto that paper or did you print the mirror image? Thanks so much. πŸ˜‰

  44. Hi! I would love to know more about how you make your shirts and the whole process. I would also love to know your answer to Brandi’s question from earlier today. Thank you!!!!!

  45. These are awesome. I would love these templates! Could you send them my way?

  46. Hi, I just love the work you did on your family Disney t-shirt and want to do something similar. I would like to kindly ask if I could get your templates and instructions on how to do them. I have never done anything like this before, but this is our first trip to Disney and I think this would be the special touch I m looking for my family of 6!
    Thanks you for your time.

  47. Jennifer says:

    Love those Disney shirts!!! I would also love to make them. If your are still sending the templates, I would love to jump on board. I am also willing to pay if you are selling the templates. Thanks!! ~Jennifer

  48. Tenette Smith says:

    I found this blog from a post. Your DIY shirts are AWESOME! As I can see you get a lot of requests for your template. I hope you are still feeling generous and would share your templates. We are doing our first family vacation and I want to create t-shirts for all of my nieces and nephews (all of their names start with C! Except for one J) please oh please . Thank you in advance!

  49. Your shirts are super cute! We are taking our 3 kids ages 18 mo, 10 yrs and 12 years in August. I would love to do family shirts for us to wear each day. Would you be willing to send me your templates as well? Thankss!!!!

  50. I am really impressed with your shirts!!! I am leaving in a week for WDW and had made some shirts but don’t like them as much as yours! Where did you find the template for all the mickey heads? If you could just steer me in the right direction that would be great! Thanks so much

  51. Chelsea says:

    Two questions:
    1. Do you have to have a certain type of printer/ink? Or does the transfer paper work with any?
    2. Do you have to reverse the lettering?

    Could you email me the template also please? Thanks for the adorable tips!!

  52. I really like this idea!! Would you mind sending the star wars template, the normal mickey template, the minnie template, and the pirate template. I can add the letters myself, but have no idea where to find these amazing prints! Anyway, did you just get everything set on PS and then print them on photo printing paper then iron them on the shirts?

  53. Leaving WDW in 5 days. Weren’t sure we were going to make the trip due to a recent illness but here we go! Would love to make these shirts but not sure where to find the templates. Can you help me please!!!

  54. Sarah Newtown says:

    These are so great! How did you get them to sparkle? Are they sparkly or is that just the pics? Either way, they’re great!

  55. Oh, my goodness are these too cute! I see a ton of asking for templates and if you are still being wonderful sharing I would greatly appreciate some help! I’m making a ton of T-Shirts (thinking it would be so simple) but haven’t been able to find anything at all to work/look great. I’ve also tried finding the information on the website but cannot find anything. Again, anything at all will help tremendously as we are leaving this Tuesday August 6th; YIKES!

    Thank you Thank you in advance!

  56. Stephanie says:

    Love love the shirts!! Can you please email me the templates? Thanks so much! Looking forward to our trip in November :)

  57. Hi! Love your shirts! I sent you an email today! I’m trying to complete some DIY shirts for our surprise trip to disney in October! I absolutely love how they match the parks!!!

  58. Your shirts are fantastic. If you are still sharing your templates, I would love to make them for my family. We are doing our first family vacation to Disneyland with all of the kids. Would you please be willing to send me your templates as well? Thank you!

  59. I Love, Love, Love these Tshirts. Can you please share the images with me as well? It’s our fist time going to Disney and I’m looking for a way to keep our budget down for a family of five. I’m pretty good at making some things and I would love to give this a try.

    Thanks in advance.

  60. Samantha Wesoly says:

    Hello, I am looking for the place where you found the templates, could you share with me please. We are going in November and I am feeling crafty… …Many Thanks, your shirts are awesome

  61. Jessica LeBlanc says:

    I found your post through Pinterest! Love these shirts! We are making a trip in November with our 4 kiddos, and I’d love to make them some shirts, however, I am not as crafty! If you are still sharing these, I would love them all! If you have time to personalize, I would need 3 girl sets (one with initial E, one with R, and one with J) and 3 boy sets ( one P, one C, and one J). Any tips would BR greatly appreciated, and I’d be happy to pay! I’d love to know how you create these in photoshop for future projects! Thank you, thank you!

  62. I too would LOVE to have your marvelous templates. We are attending WDW for the first time and am trying to make shirts but have failed miserably thus far. PLEASE PLEASE help me. Thanks so much for such a wonderful site.

  63. so, I love this! I’m leaving tomorrow morning. is there any way you can send me the directions? thanks!!

  64. What incredible shirts! I love reading you blog. If you wouldnt mind to email me any template you would be willing to share I would really appreciate it! Thanks for the motivation!

  65. Could I get you to send me a link to the Star Wars template you used.


  66. Love this idea! My question is how did you get the colors to transfer to the shirt maybe its a dumb one but I have no clue how you did it.

  67. Could you please email me with the templates? I’ve looked everywhere and I cant really find any. Thanks! put Disney templates in the subject please :)

  68. Oh my!! I just found your blog through Pinterest and I love, love, love the templates/tees you’ve made! We’re leaving for our vacation to Disneyland this week and I would love to make some tees since there is no way our family budget will allow us to buy them at the parks. Is there any chance you could email the templates? Otherwise I’ll try to figure out how to make them, but gosh it would help. That Star Wars one would make even my 30 year old brother beg for one!

  69. Maria Jongbloed says:

    Just surprised the kids this Christmas with a Disney World trip and cruise in June. So….I have just under SIX months to come up with all the fun things like autograph books, t-shirts, and any other fun things I don’t know about yet. I am NOT a crafty person so I need EASY, QUICK, and SIMPLE.
    I LOVE your t-shirt templates. Could you share them with me? Thanks so much!

  70. Please email me the templates. Thanks

  71. I have 4 children and I would love to make them shirts for our Disney vaca for Easter. These are super cute and for a wonderful price. Can you share the website you used?? Thanks so much!!

  72. Love to make these for my trip coming up this next weekend. Is there anyway you could share your templates with me? xboxmom at yahoo dot com. Thanks πŸ˜€

  73. Hello-
    I am surprising my children with a trip WDW and would love the templete. CAN YOU HELP?

  74. Camille says:

    Hi I love the shirts you made this will be our first trip ever in May and would love to make these for the family we are telling the kids this weekend and would like to give it to them then can you email me all if the ones you used how you did it and where I can find other templets it would be greatly appreciate.. Thank u soo much in advance!!!

  75. We are surprising the kids with going trick a treating at MK then off the next day on a cruise. I LOVE your creations. I have tried but I can’t make anything as good as this. Can you please share your pirate and the Mickey head plan and with the pink bow?

  76. I love love love these! Could you email me the templates? We are going to Disney early June and it will sneak up on me if I dont start now! Thanks so much, these are so awesome!

  77. Hi, I just emailed you regarding these transfers and getting any tips on making my own shirts for WDW. We are going for our first trip this summer and I’m super excited about making our own shirts. If you can help in any way I would be grateful.

  78. Hi,

    I was curious….did you print these on heat transfer vinyl then iron them to shirt?

    Thanks Hayley

    • YES! Print them out and iron them on. You will have to add a little pressure to make sure the heat does its job.

  79. Could you please tell me how I can make the templates and what software do I need to have to edit them please help

  80. Hi
    Found your great shirts on Pinterest and would love to get your templates and any help you can provide. We are taking the Grandkids to Disneyland…matching shirts will help to keep everyone in sight! If you are still taking the time to personalize I would appreciate 4 boys with B, Z, L & A and 2 girls wink P & K. What a great surprise this will be! Thank you so much in advance!

  81. Hi! I’m trying to make shirts for my son’s first trip to disney. Would you mind sending me the files you have? Your help would be so appreciated!!!

  82. How do you make these?! I’m going to grad night next friday and me and my friends want to make shirts. this would be a cool idea

  83. Rona Dalessandro says:

    These are awesome! Going the end of June,
    Can you send me the templates pls. Thank
    You in advance!

  84. Margaret says:

    Can you email these to me also? I can’t find them on their website either. Thanks for having this!

  85. Cireena says:

    Hi, I emailed you at “”. It would be so awesome if you can email me back.

  86. Greetings. My family and I are headed to WDW this Thursday and I just decided what a great idea it would be to have matching shirts; however, 4 days is not enough time order! I am now in panic DIY mode. I read your blog and love your shirts. I am curious if you are still willing to share your templates? I do not have photoshop and am unable to find them on the Disney site. Any advice you have would be GREATLY appreciated! I need to make 4 shirts- mom, dad and two 10 year old boys.

    A million thanks for your consideration!!!

  87. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do my own tshirts for my 3 boys for Disney….and I’m trying to get the rest of my family to go. I’m really interested in getting these templates….please let me know how. Thanks in advance!

    • I just saw that you do not have the templates…to screen shot the mickey mouse at the top. However, how did you do the other little added accessories??

  88. Super <3 all of your disney designs! we are leaving next week and just thought about making shirts for our family! If you happen to be around still would love your help!

  89. Dana Davies-Hales says:

    Hi I love your shirts. I am wondering if you can email me some templates please. what did you use for the glitter template? Thanks

  90. Hi, I love your shirts! I’ve been looking everywhere for simple yet creative designs. Is there any way you could please email me yours? I’m taking my 3 kids to Disney for the first time in august. Could you please send me the star wars, Indian Jones and pirates with a f, mini with a k, and the regular with a j
    and the regular with a n?? I would really appreciate it! 3 kids on our budget is going to be really tight and this would help us out so much!

  91. Hi! I know this is kind of old, but are you still making these? I would love it if you could make some for an upcoming trip in December! Thanks!

  92. Hello! I just found your blog post . We will be going in 4 weeks! First family trip!!

    I have a few questions: what is the process to print-transfer-iron? Do you have templates you could share?

    We are attempting to do a $2000 trip, family of 5, driving, etc. No room for $200 in shirts/per etsy shops!

    Thanks a bunch!!

  93. LOVE YOUR SHIRTS!!!! Can you email me templates for letters. I want to do a halloween themed one and also the red/white/blue one.

  94. Hi- I love your shirts! We are going to Disney with all 5 of our kids in November. I wanted to make them some shirts to hopefully off set the damage to our pocket book. Would you mind sending me your templates? You are amazing!
    Thanks so much!

  95. Katie olson says:

    Hello, I just saw this post via Pinterest. I love your shirts! I have 5 boys and we are going to Disney in November. I would LOVE matching shirts for us.. Even tho they die at the thought of it! Are you able to make them for me? I can send you the shirts and pay you for your time. This will be our only time going ($$$) and I want to make the best of it! Please let me know

  96. Hello can I have the templates also


  1. […] your own t-shirts. There was no way we were turning these down seeing as we had just completed the WDW shirts. Today we finally had the chance to iron those bad boys on our shirts. They turned out just as good […]

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