Three Busy Bees | Holy Week | Adult Version

Palm Sunday

You may have read the "Kid Version" of Palm Sunday earlier today! Here is the version from Marty (who spends his days submerged in all things religion). Here is what he typed up while waiting on me to get off work last Friday! Holy Week 2015 What is “Holy Week”? Lets start by reading … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | What Is Palm Sunday? | Kid Version

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According to What's In The Bible?: "What is Holy Week? Holy Week is the final week in the season of Lent, and the week leading up to Easter Sunday. During this week, Christians remember the important events of Christ’s final days, his death and resurrection. Revisiting these events is more than … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | Setting Sail with Columbus


Evan learned a lot about Christopher Columbus earlier this year with Sonlight. Cameron will learn about him next year with her Abeka Kindergarten … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | Realizing Your Husband Is …


Amazing. Simply amazing. We've been married for almost 13 years and he never ceases to amaze me. When we decided to homeschool Evan this year, he … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | Roaming and a Hashtag


I find myself roaming this city on a daily basis. It never ceases to surprise me. The bees and I explored this beauty while walking our dog. I miss … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | The Best Homeschool Advice Is …

Mom To Mom

The best advice I have ever received about homeschooling was a simple one - "Find what works for you!" It is simple. At first I was annoyed by that … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | Socialization is the key to …

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NOTHING. Socialization is just another term for sending your kids out into the world and hoping they don't come back screwed up. Then when they do … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | Creating a Positive Family Culture

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Creating a Positive Family Culture: How to Plan and Lead a Weekly Family Meeting {a post by Brett & Kate McKay on Fatherhood, Relationships, & … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | A 91 Year Old’s Perspective of PTSD

Norman Bussel

I am blessed. Marty has done double digit deployments (while in the military to Iraq and Afghanistan) and as a civilian. They aren't so much … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | Our Curriculum Decision

We use Core D and E. Our cores were the standard choice for 4th Grade full package. It is right on target where we left off with private school and … [Continue reading]