Music Monday | Three Busy Bees


Music speaks to me. I love when the words have a way of finding me when I need them. "... I don't even know if I believe..." You may call it in this evening But you've only lost the night Preset all your pretty feelings May they comfort you tonight And I'm climbing over something And I'm … [Continue reading]

Barnes & Noble Educator Appreciation Days | Three Busy Bees

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  That's right! Barnes & Noble is celebrating Educators everywhere!!! This was from an email I received: Public, private and homeschool educators who shop at their local Barnes & Noble store or online at will receive special discounts on merchandise October 10th-18th, … [Continue reading]

How Another Country Changed Me – St. Lucia | Three Busy Bees


We were in a van with a German family in September 2013. I had zero clue what they were talking about. It was a dad and his teenage kids. Then there … [Continue reading]

The C Word | Three Busy Bees

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Since my uncle died in January of cancer, I have been constantly researching the dreaded word. All the research has lead me to change my eating habits … [Continue reading]

Pinterest Fail – Container Garden Win | Three Busy Bees


See this sprout? This is a complete "Pinterest Fail"!! It was suppose to provide an alternative to bug killers on my plants. It didn't stop the … [Continue reading]

Music Monday | Three Busy Bees


Music Monday. I love lyrics. I love when artists collaborate. Check out Naughty Boy with Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin. … [Continue reading]

$30 Rain Barrel in 30 Minutes | Three Busy Bees


In August, Marty and I made a Rain Barrel. Okay. He made a rain barrel. I stood around taking photos. We made our first one in about 30 minutes for … [Continue reading]

Why I Just Deleted My Blog | Three Busy Bees


Edited** 09/29/15 I deleted all but 6 posts. **   I just deleted almost 200 posts from 2012 until now. That's when I started this blog. … [Continue reading]

No One Told Me Homeschooling Is Awful | Three Busy Bees


Wave the white flag. I will admit it. Homeschooling is NOT for me. When I decided to venture back into this world of "weirdos and socially-jacked … [Continue reading]

Dance and Apraxia – What I Didn’t Realize | Three Busy Bees


Oh for the love of extracurricular activities. When you start planning your families, you never think about all the extra stuff they will want to do. … [Continue reading]