Three Busy Bees | Air Hogs Rollercopter


Air Hogs Rollercopter has become one of my favorite Remote Control toys. The Air Hogs Rollercopter is a helicopter inside a protective cage. It can fly, climb walls, and roll across ceilings. I was excited to see that it is an indoor-only toy. It will keep us occupied on rainy days and when the … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | Pantry UnOrganization

EB_Pantry03 copy

I am not sure that (UnOrganization) is even a word, but I am going to go with. So if you seen the PREVIOUS POST, then you know I had some serious laziness issues. Yesterday, I decided to not sit on the couch and catch up on my dvr. As for the dvr, I have about 30 shows taping everyday. I have to … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | You Suck at Time Management

FB_TimeWasted01 copy

I have heard this plenty of times in my marriage. My husband isn't mean but he is honest. Maybe I may run late to some events or take longer getting … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | From Camera Auto to Something Beautiful

FB_Spring Photos17 copy

Once upon a time I was a full time, professional photographer (I bet ya didn't know this was going to be a fairy tale, did ya?). I was swamped with … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | What the Poop?


Poop. Everywhere. Everyone. Everything. We get home from school - "Ma! I have to poop!" "Mom! I will use your bathroom!" "Mom! IronBee won't get … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | iRobot, Clean the Floors!

Sam's Club iRobot Roomba 645

I was strolling around Sam's Club one day in August when I stumbled upon an iRobot Roomba vacuum. I knew how they worked already thanks to a friend. … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | I Spend What?!

Dave Ramsey

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a Dave Ramsey article that Mr. M's cousin shared. It was called 4 Everyday Luxuries Costing You a Fortune. It wasn't a bad … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | DIY: Essentials Oils Living

On October 1st, I became a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. Why? I will be honest here. I use to think that Essential Oils was a joke of sorts. A … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | DIY. Disney Cruise.

BlogCCDisney Cruise 484

How is a Disney Cruise a DIY? My bees had been begging for us to take them on a Disney Cruise for a long time. I kept saying no because I knew what … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | Drop the Phone – PSA

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 4.15.40 PM

I will admit: I TEXT & DRIVE. I also: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWEET, READ EMAILS, and a bunch of other stuff AND DRIVE. Yes, my kids are … [Continue reading]