The Happy Mom Pledge – Finding Joy | Three Busy Bees


I found this awesomeness over on the Finding Joy blog. It was a welcome read since I feel like I have been struggling lately. _________ Repeat after me. (and if you have little kids it might take a couple tries simply because you don’t get much quiet.) I will know that I make a … [Continue reading]

To Facebook or to Not | Three Busy Bees


Oh the joys of social media. I have this love/hate relationship with it. Well I have that with a lot of people, places, and things. Yes, I understand that is also what a noun is - person, place, or thing. This post started out having nothing to do with my blog at all. I have a Facebook page for … [Continue reading]

Hackers Gon’ Hack | Three Busy Bees


For months I have been getting locked out of my blog. I never thought anything about it since I constantly forget my password. It wasn't until I was … [Continue reading]

Hello? Chick-fil-a? | Three Busy Bees

Chick-fil-a Parody

I will admit it. 95% of this parody is true. I just don't wear yoga pants and my hair is too short for a messy bun :) *Sometimes twice a day? Oh … [Continue reading]

Dance and Apraxia – What I Didn’t Realize | Three Busy Bees


Oh for the love of extracurricular activities. When you start planning your families, you never think about all the extra stuff they will want to do. … [Continue reading]

The Milky Way on Tybee Island | Three Busy Bees


As I sit down to write this post I find myself smirking. My last post was July 31st and it was about summer not being over. Summer isn't over. It … [Continue reading]

Summer ISN’T Over | Three Busy Bees

Iowa01 copy

Please! For the love of all things warm and sunny, stop saying Summer is over. Or almost over. Or coming to an end. Or wrapping up. First- It's … [Continue reading]

Those Bright Lights | Three Busy Bees

July4thFireworks01 copy

Happy Belated Birthday, America! Or Happy Treason Day, Colonials! I am happy to be able to celebrate this great day with our kids and watch fireworks … [Continue reading]

Breaks | 3 Busy Bees


I didn't blog yesterday. I could go back and post date a blog but I won't. Yesterday will be labeled a break. We all need those sometimes. I wish I … [Continue reading]

Speech Tuesdays | 3 Busy Bees


Every Tuesday we have speech for KB. Her struggle with Apraxia is getting better. I know we are on a very mild side of Apraxia. Well I say mild but … [Continue reading]