Summer ISN’T Over | Three Busy Bees

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Please! For the love of all things warm and sunny, stop saying Summer is over. Or almost over. Or coming to an end. Or wrapping up. First- It's depressing. Do not mention those evil words. I love summer. I love all the heat and humidity. I enjoy the thunderstorms and the weird and random … [Continue reading]

Those Bright Lights | Three Busy Bees

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Happy Belated Birthday, America! Or Happy Treason Day, Colonials! I am happy to be able to celebrate this great day with our kids and watch fireworks over the water. If you know me or my background, then you would know I am a professional photographer capturing birth to weddings. What you might … [Continue reading]

Breaks | 3 Busy Bees


I didn't blog yesterday. I could go back and post date a blog but I won't. Yesterday will be labeled a break. We all need those sometimes. I wish I … [Continue reading]

Speech Tuesdays | 3 Busy Bees


Every Tuesday we have speech for KB. Her struggle with Apraxia is getting better. I know we are on a very mild side of Apraxia. Well I say mild but … [Continue reading]

Bloglovin’ | 3 Busy Bees


I am checking out BlogLovin'. Are you on there? If not, where do you share your blog? Follow my blog with Bloglovin I may have a new addiction. … [Continue reading]

Ab Challenge | 3 Busy Bees


I started Alexa Jean Fitness Sore To The Core ab challenge. I do my own workouts with weights at the gym, but I wanted to add in a secondary workout … [Continue reading]

Spin Art | 3 Busy Bees

Spin Art03 copy

The kids have harassed me constantly about this Spin Art contraption they got for Christmas. I finally caved a month ago and got the batteries for it. … [Continue reading]

Nom Nom Good | 3 Busy Bees

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  Say what??? It's National Doughnut Day. There is a National Day for everything?   Have you headed out to get your free … [Continue reading]

Bolt Your Kid’s Furniture to the Wall | 3 Busy Bees

Ikea Dresser

Please, Please, Please, bolt/adhere any furniture to a wall in your kid's room. If you haven't (like me), do it immediately. If you don't, it could … [Continue reading]

Just Put a Smile on Your Face | 3 Busy Bees


Whew! Today is winding down. It started rather early for us. Since the summer has begun, I value my sleep time. So we usually roll out of bed around … [Continue reading]