Project Life – Peru | 3 Busy Bees

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Since the kids are on summer break, I figured I would catch up with everything I have let go of during the school year. One of those "things" is scrapbooking. I could never find the time to sit down and put together my thoughts with photos. I am so far behind that I am just now completing last … [Continue reading]

Apraxia and Our Life | 3 Busy Bees


The baby has officially been in speech therapy for 3 weeks. Getting to this point has been a long road of denial. KB has "Expressive Language Delay due to Apraxia". What is Apraxia? According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, "Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is a motor … [Continue reading]

Whole30 – What I Gained and What I Lost | 3 Busy Bees


I briefly blogged about my journey with Whole30 in April. It was a rather chaotic month so I didn't blog like I had planned. I didn't take photos of … [Continue reading]

A Case of the Mondays | 3 Busy Bees

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Monday started off phenomenal. I know, phenomenal...on a Monday? Then this happened. I was backing up with an empty lawn mower trailer (all of 5 feet … [Continue reading]

“Gender Fluidity” – Don’t Teach This in Schools | 3 Busy Bees

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"Call it 'gender fluidity': Schools to teach kids there's no such thing as boys or girls" That is the article that recently surfaced on FoxNews … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Curriculum | 3 Busy Bees


  Our 2015-2016 School Year Curriculum has arrived!! AND it is all set up too.     "Bubba" (my oldest) will be in … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | Think Dirty {ya know ya want to}

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What are you thinking? Is it Dirty? I hope so. But not that kind of dirty. I am talking about your cosmetics and other bathroom items. … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | Why I Stopped Wearing Deodorant

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I quit using deodorant!! I might be a hippie or just on board with Matthew McConaughey, but I love being deodorant free. Don't get me wrong. I am not … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | Whole30 is Half Way Over.

Whole30 Cookbook

It is April 18, 2015. I started Whole30 on April 1st and here we are, 18 days in. The first week (April 1-7) was crazy. I was HANGRY !! Then I … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | Whole30 : The Hustle


I recently started this kind of crazy adventure with two girlfriends. We happened to be meeting up at McAllister's Deli for dinner to chat about all … [Continue reading]