$30 Rain Barrel in 30 Minutes | Three Busy Bees


In August, Marty and I made a Rain Barrel. Okay. He made a rain barrel. I stood around taking photos. We made our first one in about 30 minutes for roughly $30 at 10:30pm in our kitchen. I threw away the receipt (ugh!) but it was actually $27 and some change. Originally I wanted to post this months … [Continue reading]

Why I Just Deleted My Blog | Three Busy Bees


Edited** 09/29/15 I deleted all but 6 posts. **   I just deleted almost 200 posts from 2012 until now. That's when I started this blog. This blog was started to capture my life with 2 kids going to 3. KB was a surprise. A "Hello. You're pregnant." It then turned in to this crazy DIY blog … [Continue reading]

No One Told Me Homeschooling Is Awful | Three Busy Bees


Wave the white flag. I will admit it. Homeschooling is NOT for me. When I decided to venture back into this world of "weirdos and socially-jacked … [Continue reading]

Dance and Apraxia – What I Didn’t Realize | Three Busy Bees


Oh for the love of extracurricular activities. When you start planning your families, you never think about all the extra stuff they will want to do. … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Curriculum | 3 Busy Bees


  Our 2015-2016 School Year Curriculum has arrived!! AND it is all set up too.     Bubba (my oldest) will be in 5th … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | A Letter From Your Dog

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.00.16 AM

Laura Hartle (Bark Post) wrote this beautiful piece that a dear friend shared with me during this very hard time. “I am your dog, and I have a … [Continue reading]

Three Busy Bees | Losing a Family Pet

FB)HerculesPawPrint copy

Sadly, we will be putting down the wonderful Hercules soon. Way too soon. Less than 24 hours. I am depressed. The bags under my eyes are super puffy. … [Continue reading]